MLconf NYC Food Menu


MLconf NYC, Helen Mills Event Space, New York City 4/11/14  


Continental Breakfast:
Mini muffins, Danish mini croissants, mini bagels, butter, cream cheese and preserves, Fresh fruit salad, Fresh squeezed orange juice

Morning Break:
Mini Yogurt Parfaits: Low-fat plain yogurt topped with layers of homemade granola, fresh bananas and fresh berries, homemade granola bars

Lunch Provided by Tapad
Caesar salad, caesar dressing, croutons
Chicken stuffed with caramelized apples & currants or Grilled salmon with hoisin sauce
Golden roasted new potatoes or Pasta with wild mushrooms, cream sauce
Asparagus with lemon zest
Assorted freshly baked brownies and cookies Chocolate-dipped strawberries

Afternoon Break
Whole fruit & Assortment of snacks

Coffee/Tea Service Freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee & teaRC Cola • Diet Rite Cola • 7-Up • Ginger Ale • Soda Water • Tonic Cranberry Juice • Orange Juice