MLconf started in 2012, when geekSessions partnered with the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University, also known as the GraphLab team. The full-day conference gathered thought leaders in Machine Learning, namely Graph Databases to present their recent work for an audience of students from top universities, Software Engineers, Data Scientists, and Researchers. In 2013, MLconf became a separate event from the GraphLab Conference, although geekSessions still works with the team at GraphLab to produce their annual Conference.

MLconf meets in several cities, including San Francisco, New York City and Atlanta, with plans to produce events in other metropolis cities in 2015 and 2016. MLconf gathers thought leaders in Machine Learning to present on recent application of ML Algorithms, Tools, Platforms, and methodologies. MLconf hosts technical presentations from thought experts including Directors of Data Science from top companies in the space, such as: Cloudera, Google, Yahoo, Intel, IBM Watson, Twitter, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, Ayasdi, LogicBlox, 0xdata, Databricks, GraphLab, and more. Each event also hosts academic presentations from universities including: Stanford, Berkeley, UC Irvine, Stevens Institute, and others.


Courtney Burton

Courtney Burton – Event Producer, Sessions Events LLC. After co-producing several geekSessions events since 2010, Courtney stepped up to take the leading role in Sessions Events, LLC. in 2013. Courtney is focusing full time on expanding the geekSessions event series to include several topical conferences including MLconf and HIREconf, as well as the traditional geekSessions panel-style mixers. Additionally, Courtney produces The GraphLab Conference and Spark Summit. Courtney holds a BA in Economics and has an extensive background in event production.


Nick Vasiloglou Headshot

Nikolaos Vasiloglou holds a PhD from the department of  Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. His thesis was focused on salable machine learning over massive datasets. After graduating from Georgia Tech he founded Analytics1305 LLC and Ismion Inc. He has architected and developed the PaperBoat machine learning library which has been successfully integrated and used in the LogicBlox and HPCCSystems platforms. He has also served as a machine learning consultant for Predictix, Revolution Analytics, Damballa, Tapad and LexisNexis.  On his spare time he teaches machine learning at the Learning Machine Learning by example meetup and he helps local Atlanta startups with machine learning systems . His work has resulted in patents and production systems.


Michael Moss

Michael Moss is a software engineer and consultant specializing in scalable back end API development, big data and machine learning platforms. Michael has held leadership positions in several NYC startups, is a technical advisor to MakeSpace and MaterialWrld, and a proud student mentor at the Academy for Software Engineering with iMentor in NYC.


Shon Burton

Shon Burton Co-Founded MLconf with Courtney Burton in 2012, when they partnered with Carnegie Mellon University’s Machine Learning Department, to produce a full-day conference centered around Machine Learning and Graph Databases. Shon now acts as an advisor to MLconf.

MLconf Advisors:

Danny Bickson, Co-founder, GraphLab
Josh Wills, Director Data Science, Cloudera
Ted WillkeSenior Principal Engineer and Director at Intel
Ted Dunning, Chief Application Architect at Map R

Shon Burton, Co-founder, MLconf