Abstract Guidelines

The first of the 2015 MLconf series is taking place in NYC on March 27th. MLconf is a single track, single-day conference.  Distinguished Data Scientists and Machine Learning researchers are welcome to submit a 200 word proposal for a 25 minute talk. Topics of interest are:

  • Platforms, tools and software
  • Success stories of machine learning algorithms with high impact (Deep Learning, Graphical Models, Matrix/Tensor
  • Factorization, Probabilistic Programing, Graph Algorithms, Gaussian Processes,  etc.)
  • Data science case studies
  • Innovative business processes for integrating machine learning methods in products
  • Agile methods for machine learning modeling
  • Pushing machine learning models in to production
  • Scalable methods in machine learning

Talks should include anything that would be of particular interest to machine learning practitioners. We encourage you to visit the abstract pages of past events to get an idea about the technical depth and style of successful MLconf presentations.

Spot-Light Talks:
MLconf will include a session for 3 minute spot-light presentations. A spot-light talk will answer a machine learning question such as “When do I use zero mean/unit variance normalization in my data?”,  “Singular Value Decomposition or Nonnegative Matrix Factorizattion?”, “When does the gaussian data assumption Fail?”, “Which distribution do I use for sparse data?”, etc. Speakers are encouraged to submit a maximum 5 slide pdf. The presentations with the highest review score will be selected for live presentations on the day of the event and the rest will be videotaped and uploaded at the mlconf website.